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A Complete Guide on Shriram Fixed Deposit Interest Rates

Get attractive interest rates with additional benefits. Invest now.

An unspoken rule of investing in a Fixed Deposit:

Higher the interest rates, the happier the investor

When investing in Fixed Deposit (FD), the first and foremost thing that everyone considers is the interest rate. A fixed deposit is one of the most preferred and safest investment avenues. It is the best way to earn assured returns with attractive interest. Shriram Fixed Deposit offers higher returns and several additional benefits for achieving your dreams.

Are you just starting your investment journey or even looking for safer investment plans with good returns? Then opening a fixed deposit is the best option. The best part about opening a with Shriram Finance is that it gives you the best interest rates with guaranteed returns. Explore the attractive interest rates Shriram Fixed Deposit offers along with several other benefits.

Fixed deposit Calculator
Fixed deposit Calculator

What is a Fixed Deposit?

A Fixed Deposit is one of the safest and most secure forms of investment with guaranteed returns. An FD helps you to invest a lump sum amount for a fixed tenure. The banks and NBFCs (Non-Banking Financial Companies) provide this investment for 7 days to 10 years.

Majorly there are two kinds of FD; they are cumulative and non-cumulative fixed deposits.

  • In a Cumulative Fixed Deposit, the interest rate is compounded yearly and paid at maturity.
  • In a Non-Cumulative Fixed Deposit, the interest is paid monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly, depending on the investor’s requirement.

Attractive Interest Rates that Shriram Offers

Shriram Finance has upheld the trust of over 2.1 million customers for decades. We strive to ensure that your hard-earned money grows effortlessly for a safe and secure future. Based on the selected tenure, Shriram offers the highest interest rates at 8.90%, including 0.50%* p.a for Senior Citizens and 0.10%* p.a for women depositors


Non cumulative  Deposit Cumulative Deposit
Period (months) Monthly % p.a Quarterly % p.a Half yearly % p.a Yearly %p.a Rate (p.a. at Monthly rests) Effective yield % p.a.  Maturity value for Rs 5,000/-
12 6.78 6.82 6.88 7.00 6.78 7.00 5,350
18 7.06 7.11 7.17 7.30 7.06 7.43 5,555
24 7.25 7.30 7.37 7.50 7.25 7.78 5,775
30 7.72 7.77 7.85 8.00 7.72 8.49 6,060
36 7.76 7.82 7.89 8.05 7.76 8.71 6,305
42 7.86 7.92 8.00 8.15 7.86 9.02 6,575
48 7.90 7.96 8.04 8.20 7.90 9.26 6,850
60 8.00 8.06 8.14 8.30 8.00 9.81 7,450

Benefits of investing in Shriram FD

Investing in a fixed deposit is one of the best methods to save and grow your money for the future. With Shriram Finance, you can enjoy several other benefits and higher interest rates. Here are some of the benefits of investments in an FD.

  1. Flexible Tenure

The tenure period for a fixed deposit investment ranges from 12 months to 60 months. This ensures that you protect your money and get the best returns. Based on one’s need, one can personalise the tenure of their FD. The best part is Shriram FD calculator helps you calculate the interest rate that would be beneficial for planning your fd tenure.

  1. Attractive Interest Rates

The interest rate provided by Shriram Finance is comparatively higher than that offered by several other NBFCs. With an attractive 8.90%, including 0.50%* p.a for Senior Citizens and 0.10%* p.a for women depositors. Shriram Finance also offers an additional 0.25% p.a. interest rate for the renewal of matured deposits.

  1. Secure Investments

Investing in a fixed deposit will always provide you with high and guaranteed returns, making it safer. Fixed deposits are the best choice for you if you worry about the downfall of market value. Shriram FD is rated “[ICRA]AA+ (Stable) by ICRA and rated IND AA+/Stable by India Ratings and Research”. It indicates a high degree of safety in terms of investment. In short, Shriram is one of the best NBFCs, with over 2.12 million customers worldwide.

  1. Loan against Fixed Deposit

If you are in a cash crunch, you can easily get a loan against your Shriram Fixed Deposit plan rather than interrupting your FD and having a penalty.

This means that the investors will benefit from a loan against their investment in an FD. The interest rate on such loans will be less when compared to unsecured loans.

  1. Assured Returns

You are assured of getting your principal amount invested along with interest in a fixed deposit. The interest rates on a fd do not fluctuate depending on market conditions.

How to open a Fixed Deposit Online with Shriram Finance?

1: Register on the Shriram Finance website with your contact number.

2: Enter your personal information, including your PAN, pincode, and email address.

3: Select the amount, tenure, and payout option before completing the payment.

4: Enter bank information and personal information. Get the fd Receipt.

Secure Your Future Now

Trying to build an investment portfolio is the most significant achievement you can receive financially. A Fixed Deposit is one of the safest and most secure investment options available. For a financially secure future, invest in Shriram Fixed Deposit and earn a higher interest rate and assured returns. Shriram Finance is the largest and most trusted NBFC in India. Shriram has a proven track record of more than 40 years of timely and on-track FD  payments. Invest now and enjoy the returns.

Key Highlights

  • Shriram Finance provides a competitive 8.90%, including 0.50%* p.a for Senior Citizens and 0.10%* p.a for women depositors.
  • Shriram is one of the best NBFCs, with over 2.12 million customers worldwide.
  • You will get attractive returns on your investment with high security.
  • Earn the most interest with the highest payment at maturity. A periodic payout option is available. Receive money regularly.


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