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A Complete Guide By the UK Assignment Service

on All ‘Taboo’ Words to Avoid in Writing

Nowadays, with the rise of e-learning platforms, students like to acquire reference material from online sources. But this is expected to be available for free on the general online portals. Learners tend to utilise bits and pieces of informal writing in their assignments.

Moreover, countless scholars use inappropriate words, that may or may not be acceptable in conversation, for formal writing. But these inappropriate words or phrases are considered taboo when writing an academic document. It represents a lack of knowledge on the writer’s part. Thus, it is an unsophisticated way of writing. If you need reliable paper help seek assistance from any leading assignment writing service UK.

In this article, we have compiled a list of prohibited words that are generally unnecessary and must be avoided in the academic write-ups:

Use of Informal Words:

A well-structured assignment follows the strict protocol assisted by the university. It makes writing more formal than we see in a non-academic setup such as websites etc. The other issue students face that some words are more acceptable in certain contexts but are too informal in nature. For instance, words like ‘also, so, can’t or won’t’ are casual if not placed correctly.

Adding Rudimentary Words:

The words are basic facts or principles but lack accuracy. Being at the early development stage, these characters are in their simplest forms and used in basic conversations. But they are not apt per the university standards as they don’t have depth and are not decent enough to operate for the formal tone of speech.

Hyperbolism Signifying Words:

Sometimes for the sake of emphasis, you might exaggerate while describing a particular idea. This blunder is commonly seen in academic writing. It is illustrated as borderline ridiculous. As the reader can’t relate to the fictional claims. Thus, the use of ‘very, most, often’, etc can be misleading. These tend to make a bigger deal of the situation than necessary.

Including Subjective Words:

The academic write-up should be descriptive with an analytical aspect to it. The lack of persuasion is one of the critical factors that will make it boring. Moreover, back up your statement with solid facts than your biased opinion. For instance, indicating that something will be ‘obvious’ only expresses your thinking process and seems condescending. So focus on using an appropriate style of writing and avoid phrases or use of jargon.

Avoidind Vague Words:

A good assessment is built on solid research work and the use of appropriate language. As the use of logical reasoning and apt words makes your writing precise. But to cover the deadline of various projects you have to do a quick research. This results in the use of weak words unintentionally. These lack the specificity that leads to unclear sentence formation. So you should try to be specific as possible and utilise strong words that create a long-lasting impact on the user.

If you avoid these forbidden or unacceptable words and phrases in your writing test, you will witness a notable increase in your grades. Apart from this if you are facing any issues with your assessment. Feel free to contact any assignment writing service UK to get personal guidance. They provide content with complimentary subject area editing and proofreading services to upscale your documentation style.

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